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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Certificates On Site

Our responsibilities

As a responsible company, Medallion Foods is committed to ethical, social and environmental principles. Working with our suppliers to ensure that decent working conditions are provided for those workers involved in the supply chain of products for Medallion Foods. Meanwhile, our suppliers are encouraged to minimize the use of water, energy and chemicals, minimize waste and recycle where possible, dispose of waste in a safe and responsible manner and ensure that all emissions comply with national regulations.

We promise that:

No child labour

No forced and compulsory labour

Provide a safe and healthy workplace

Freedom of association and right to collect bargaining

No discrimination

Respect of working hours.

What do we offer our employees?

Medallion Foods is also a member of Sedex, the leading organisation for businesses committed to responsible sourcing and improving conditions for all parties involved in the supply chain. All of our suppliers are positively encouraged to register.

We build a modern canteen for our employees and make a compensation for their breakfast and lunch that they can get a nutritional and hearty meal within ¥5. We provide a dormitory with air-conditioners equipped for the ecdemic employees. Also, there’re several kinds of fitness equipment on site for entertainment and exercises activities.

We work with buyers to make the earth better

Plastic Spoons are attached

Encourage to use Your Own Spoon

6.2g high-barrier plastic cup

Improved to 5.9g But Same Property

From : Paper sleeve& plastic spoon

To : Paper sticker

From : 6.2g high-barrier plastic cup

To : Improved to 5.9g But Same Property
Reduce environmental pollution