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Certificates On Site

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Quality is our first mission

We are strongly committed to produce safe and secure products and we use only top quality raw materials for production. Our supplier offer clean, green and safe ingredients that we manufacture in full compliance with BRC Standard.

Our manufacturing site is regularly tested and audited against the most stringent food safety and environmental standards in the world.

About Ourselves:

About ourselves, the whole production process is closely covered by the implemented and certified HACCP and HARPC system, which encompasses every stage of production, from raw material control at the supplier’s end to control of the final product.

We have earned BRC A Grade, and IFS Certificate.There is also a possibility of production according to Halal and Kosher requirements.

We Require Our Supplier:

Test soil, water and fruit each season to guarantee it is free of heavy metals and pesticides;

Document the use of all pesticides and fertilisers and ensure they are used in line with manufacturer specifications and regulations for each specific fruit type;

Provide written guarantees that they follow all rules and regulations associated with growing their specific fruits;Have Food Safety Management Systems in place;

  • BRC - Grade A+
  • Kosher-OU
  • FDA Registered