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Social Responsibility

Our understanding about social responsibility is that we should fairly treat employees, protect environment and ensure food safety. Weifang Medallion Foods Co, Ltd has social audit approved by SGS who is very strict, the SGS report reference# is SZXWT00719942.

We organize and pay annually a tour for our employees, our employees have visited several famous resorts in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing etc. during the past years. We spend huge amount of funds to help permanent employees to buy apartments and settle home. As we kindly treat our employees, we seldom have management team members left our factory for many years, the stability of management team brings stable quality and management.

To protect environment, we have invested a waste water treatment facility in our factory by ourselves, the facility has been approved by local governmental institute.

We have supplier food safety verification system, all suppliers of raw materials and package or other materials must pass our food safety standard verification. Fresh fruits are from our contracted orchards, CIQ do pesticide residue tests lot by lot before we can use. We have close co-operation with third party consultant companies, all our retort formulas are created by JL upon tests in our facility, FDA recognize JL’s tests and reports, SGS educates our quality assurance managers and audit for us the BRC, ISO22000 and HACCP, we have some of our goods and raw materials inspected by SGS and Bureau Veritas.